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VPF Keeps Kids Safe at Queen Alexandra Elementary

This summer, the VPF awarded $25,000 to KidSafe, an organization that provides nurturing safe havens for vulnerable inner-city children when schools are traditionally closed.

Our funding helped KidSafe provide 280 hours of programming to 350 at risk children and youth. We recently heard back from them about the impact of our donation.

“It’s widely recognized that there is a significant cost to our society when our most vulnerable children and youth are not given the tools they need to make positive life choices,” remarked Jill Johnston, KidSafe Co-Chair.

“Without adequate nutrition and caring adults in their lives they can very quickly go down a path which leads to crime and dangerous activity. The $25,000 grant provided by the Vancouver Police Foundation this past Summer for the KidSafe Queen Alexandra program recognizes the synergy and commitment that both organizations have to act in the best interests of keeping our children, families and community safe. It really is visionary to support the community in this way and shows a commitment to proactive policing.”

KidSafe is an example of the kind of innovative partnership of which the Foundation is very proud to be a part.

The Vancouver Police Foundation supports programs and initiatives that fall under one of four pillars: Youth Programs, Mental Health & Addictions, Community Outreach & Engagement, and Technology & Special Equipment. You can help build a safer Vancouver by donating to the Vancouver Police Foundation.

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