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Monthly archive for May 2020

Community Champions

Our last update on the amazing Community Champions that continue to show their support, respect and appreciation for the VPD officers on the #frontline of the pandemic was nearly a month ago! We’ve been so busy receiving and distributing donations since then we’re a bit behind […]

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Impact Update: Out on Patrol 🏳️‍🌈

Each year, people like you help the Vancouver Police Foundation provide $1 million in funding to support Vancouver Police Department initiatives that are above and beyond the regular operating budget. Seed funding, to get programs up and running, or to provide proof of concept, has helped […]

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National Police Week: Celebrating our VPD

Whether it’s a global health pandemic, a years-long opioid crisis, protests, Olympics, global terrorism, human trafficking, cybercrime, fraud and more, the officers of the Vancouver Police Department are dedicated to keeping Vancouver safe and thriving. These men and women regularly put themselves in danger to keep […]

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Show Your Mom Some Love!

We know that nothing can replace the brunch you would normally have with your Mom, or the flowers you would give the mother of your children. But we’ve created some unique e-cards that you can share with them to show your love and appreciation AND support […]

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Above and Beyond: Constable Z

A few weeks ago, we told you about Cst. Mariya Zhalovaga (“Constable Z”) and her incredible efforts to stay connected with the Windermere Running Club and to encourage the members to continue with their training. While she was able to connect with these youth, she wondered […]

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