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Above and Beyond: Constable Z

A few weeks ago, we told you about Cst. Mariya Zhalovaga (“Constable Z”) and her incredible efforts to stay connected with the Windermere Running Club and to encourage the members to continue with their training. While she was able to connect with these youth, she wondered about the rest of the school population. As a School Liaison Officer, she knows all too well the challenges that some of these families face.

She learned from the Windermere principal that a number of families were really struggling to make ends meet and to purchase essentials – supplies and food. So she started reaching out to see how she could access funding to help. She applied to the VPD’s own Kops for Kids fund (a fundraising initiative of the Motorcycle Drill Team) and asked the VPF if we could help. She raised a few thousand dollars and went shopping, buying food and everyday essentials for a number of families who are really struggling. In normal times, these families are challenged – either working a number of jobs to make ends meet, or unable to work at all. But the supports offered through individual schools and the education system really paper over these cracks in society. When these gaps are exposed, it’s amazing that officers like Mariya, whose compassion knows no bounds, go above and beyond to help those less fortunate in our community.

You can see in this short video how much Cst. “Z” really cares and wants to help. On this #GivingTuesdayNow, you can help support programs like this by making a donation here.

The VPF would like to thank Allan D and Nick P whose recent generous donations to support Cst. Z will feed 10 families!