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Personal Safety Kits Provided to 500 Community Members

In response to changing populations and increased public violence in Vancouver’s downtown core in recent years, the Vancouver Police Foundation is proud to fund a new initiative in 2022 that provides vulnerable residents with a personal safety kit – completely free of charge.

Each kit includes a convertible tote bag with reflective striping that contains a safety tips brochure, important phone numbers card, an emergency contact card, personal safety alarm, water bottle and the recipient’s choice of a Fox 40 whistle on a breakaway lanyard, silicone smart wallet, or neck wallet card holder on a breakaway lanyard.

“The West End and Coal Harbour neighbourhoods have seen a lot of changes in recent years, including an increase in fear of crime and random attacks,” explains VPD Constable and West End Coal Harbour Police Officer Jason Doucette. “In response, we engaged our community members, determined which multi-purpose safety tools would be useful to all walks of life, sought out and received the support of the Vancouver Police Foundation, and put the kits together.”

During the public distribution campaign held earlier this year, the West End-Coal Harbour Community Policing Centre provided 500 personal safety kits and another 500 personal safety alarms to community members. Every effort was made to get the safety kits into the hands of vulnerable community members including, but not limited to, seniors, non-English speakers, new Canadians, women, those with mobility issues, public transportation users, and people who walk alone at night.   

 “The recipients of the safety kits really appreciated the time we spent to converse and explain what was in the kits,” says Aleya Trott Akey, Executive Director of the West End-Coal Harbour Community Policing Centre. “We also showed them how regular, everyday items can be used in personal safety. These individuals also enjoyed simply having a casual conversation with a police officer.”

Promoted in the community and online in advance, Aleya and Jason, along with volunteers, were excited to find community members waiting for them each day when they arrived to set up the distribution site.

“We had people from all walks of life lining up, even before we arrived at the locations,” added Jason.


“Everyone seemed to have a story relevant to the kits, and why they were important them. Overall, the kits, and interactions with our staff at the distribution events, has led to a greater sense of community safety.”

It’s been over two months since the 500 safety kits were distributed and Jason is still getting requests from the public for more when he is out on patrol.

“I also have those who received them approaching me to show me how they continue to use the contents of the kits. They are also sharing with me that they have a renewed sense of confidence.”

The Vancouver Police Foundation thanks the Wall Corporation and the Peter Wall Community Policing Emerging Needs Fund for its generous support of this program.


If you would like to donate to help get more personal safety kits into the hands of those who need it most, or to support any other VPD-initiated community program, please donate online or call us at 604.717.3700. Gifts of all sizes can make a difference.