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Message from the Board Chair

For 48 years, the Foundation has been working to support VPD’s community building, public safety and crime prevention efforts that are not part of essential policing or the VPD’s regular operating budget.

So what? some might ask. Lots of organizations have their own charitable foundation initiatives like this – hospitals, colleges and universities, private schools and more. That is true, but what intrigued me about the Vancouver Police Foundation and its programs, is that they are led by individual officers who already are giving so much to keep our city safe.

After shift and on days off, many VPD officers and civilian professionals volunteer their time to help at-risk youth and newcomers to Canada play hockey. They teach self defense, situational awareness and empowerment to older girls and women. They to feed families struggling to make ends meet. They help seniors stay safe from fraud. And they lead 120 more programs that reach the most vulnerable and at-risk individuals in every corner of our city.

These officers are the people who put their lives on the line every day. They are the first line of defence for all of us, but particularly for those struggling. For so many of them to go above and beyond their day-to-day jobs to take on this additional community work is extraordinary.

I am honoured to serve as the Foundation Chair for the next two years and thank the donors who make our work possible, the Trustees who volunteer their time to govern our organization and the staff who work tirelessly each day to implement the Foundation’s mission and goals.

Christian Chia, Board Chair
Vancouver Police Foundation