Message from the Board Chair – Vancouver Police Foundation
Vancouver Police Foundation Help Us Build Safer Communities
Help Us Build a Safer Community

Message from the Board Chair

The Vancouver Police Department and its officers are essentials partners in our community. For 45 years, the Vancouver Police Foundation has supported these officers with their own community initiatives to improve the safety and well-being of all citizens and to improve trust and understanding between police officers and our city’s most vulnerable peoples.

Each year, donations to the Vancouver Police Foundation provide over a million dollars of support to a range of community initiatives and social services not captured within the City’s regular operating budget. Many of these programs are led by officers on their own time, reflecting their emotional engagement to the people they serve. Other programs supported by the Foundation were developed by the VPD, to fill in key social services gaps not supported by civic, provincial, or federal funding.   Here are just a very few examples:

  • Anti-gang programs to help youth stay on the right path. These include Gang Tackle, Turning Point, Her Time and End Gang Crime
  • Care packages with the basic necessities of life – food, water, personal hygiene products, warm clothing, security items like flashlights and 911 cell phones, comforts and more – to those dealing with severe mental health issues, drug addiction, food insecurity and fleeing domestic violence. In 2019 alone, these included the Assertive Outreach Team Carepacks, the Shoebox program for women on the DTES, Victim Services Unit and the Domestic Violence and Criminal Harassment Unit’s flight and resource kits and the Strathcona Backpacks – a healthy food program for children and families
  • Youth programs that build lifelong relationships between kids and police officers by harnessing the power of sport including the Justice Rugby program, a DTES floor hockey program, the VPD Soccer and Service Club, the Langara Girls Basketball tournament, and the Winter Invitational, a basketball tournament for high school boys, Streetfront & Windermere running clubs
  • Youth leadership, resiliency and skill building programs such as the VPD Cadets and Here4Peers
  • Programs aimed at empowering and supporting women and Indigenous peoples, such as the Women’s Personal Safety Workshops, SisterWatch, Lunch with the Chief and the Pulling Together Canoe Journey

Knowing our officers risk their lives each day in the neighbourhoods they serve, and then going  back into those same neighbourhoods as volunteers, is what motivates the Vancouver Police Foundation Board, staff and volunteers to proudly support the VPD’s 1,400 sworn officers. Donations to the Vancouver Police Foundation support the building trust and understanding between our officers and our entire community.

I am honoured to serve as the Chair of the Vancouver Police Foundation Board of Trustees to support the incredible women and men of the Vancouver Police Department who dedicate their lives to keeping the rest of us safe and who go above and beyond to make our community better and stronger for all.

Dr. Sherri Magee
Chair,Vancouver Police Foundation