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Our Foundation

Supporting VPD’s Community Outreach and Bridge-Building Efforts


The Vancouver Police Department has 1400 officers and 500 civilians staff members. The nature of their work means that they see gaps and needs in all of our city’s neighbourhoods.

The Vancouver Police Foundation was established in 1976 to support the Vancouver Police Department’s efforts to promote community well-being, increase public safety and prevent crime. Many of these programs serve those most vulnerable and at-risk in our community.

A federally registered charity and provincially incorporated non-profit society, the VPF funds innovative programs led by VPD officers, often on their own time and after their shifts. Since 1976, the Foundation has granted over $10 million to initiatives that help to build community and support those who are most vulnerable in our city. Foundation funding is for programs that fall outside of the VPD’s regular operating budget from the City of Vancouver.

The VPF does not fund policing services and has no input into the VPD’s operations.

Our grants are focussed on four areas: Youth; Mental Health & Addictions; Community Outreach and Engagement; and Technology & Special Equipment.

  • Youth: We fund programs that keep kids engaged, active and away from high risk activities.
  • Mental Health & Addictions: We support programs that improve the lives of those in crisis.
  • Community Outreach & Engagement: We partner with community groups on programs that have a positive impact and help to build bridges with the community. These include programs for seniors, , programs on the Downtown Eastside like Lunch with the Chief, and more.
  • Technology & Special Equipment: We help the VPD test new technology and equipment that increases public safety. We focus on requests for equipment that support VPD’s efforts to build bridges with the community. Sometimes, we consider requests for equipment on a pilot basis, giving VPD the opportunity to test new items that can save lives and increase public safety before they make it part of their regular operations.

Our charitable registration number is 89022 6178 RR0001.

Our Mission

The Vancouver Police Foundation fosters partnerships with the public to enhance the Vancouver Police Department’s to engage with the community and to meet its objective to make Vancouver the safest major city in Canada.


Disclaimer: The Foundation is governed by an independent Board of Trustees which is solely responsible for governance, operations and the election of directors. The Trustees are chosen based on the needs of the VPF Board and their proven expertise in finance, governance, marketing, communications and fundraising.The Chief Constable of the Vancouver Police Department is a member of the VPF Board in order to provide background and insight into funding requests of the Police Foundation and to ensure that these requests align with the VPD’s community building priorities.