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Support VPD’s Canine Heroes!

Whether they are detecting narcotics, alerting their handlers to explosives, apprehending criminals, or recovering evidence, the VPD’s Police Service Dogs are true canine heroes.

Responding to over 7,000 calls for service a year, it takes a tremendous amount of training and resources to keep these furry partners at their optimal performance.

The Vancouver Police Foundation is proud to support the VPD’s Canine Unit with the help of generous dog lovers like you. From providing lifesaving tools like ballistic vests to providing Canada’s most advanced training facility, the Vancouver Police Foundation has helped the Canine Unit with purchases and acquisitions that fall outside of the VPD’s yearly operating budget.

There are several ways you can join us in supporting the VPD’s Police Service Dogs:

Adopt a K9 Hero

Symbolically adopt a member of the VPD Canine team. Adoption Kits make unique gifts and directly support the Foundation’s efforts to build safer communities.

Become a Canine Monthly Donor

Join the community of Canine Monthly donors today. Monthly giving is an affordable way for you to support our canine heroes. Even $10/month will have a lasting impact.

Join the Pack

Join the Canine Calendar list and get special updates from the VPD Canine team/Vancouver Police Foundation and be among the first to know when the 2023 Calendar goes on sale!