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Welcome new PSDs!

The four new canine recruits were officially “sworn in” to the VPD on January 13 by Chief Const. Adam Palmer.  PSD Ghost, Cash, Dak and Solo are all German Shepherds and graduated from the intensive 16-week VPD training and dog handling course. They have now joined […]

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Grant Spotlight: Her Time

Flash cars, high fashion, expensive jewelry, fine dining. For some people, the “allure” of gang life is hard to resist. It appears to offer easy money and riches most couldn’t dream of. The reality is far different and much harsher. Often overlooked are the women who […]

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Member Spotlight: Cst. Byron Yee

Cst. Byron Yee has been with the VPD for nearly 20 years. He currently is the Chinatown-Gastown Neighbourhood Police Officer. For the past five years, Byron has been working with individuals and businesses in these neighbourhoods to build a stronger relationship with the VPD and address […]

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Above and Beyond: Sgt. Lorna Berndsen

Sgt. Lorna Berndsen started her working life as a dental hygienist but wasn’t challenged by the job. Each day’s sameness and the limited ability to make a difference (people have to choose to floss!) caused her to switch careers and join the VPD. She was drawn […]

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Meet the VPF Board!

The Vancouver Police Foundation recently held its annual general meeting, and we are delighted to announce that Dr. Sherri Magee is the new Board Chair. She replaces outgoing Chair John Montalbano, who has served as Chair for the past two years. John will remain on the […]

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Trailblazers of the VPD: Women in Blue

Women in Blue is a comprehensive history of women in the VPD from 1904 (as it turns out) through 1975. For decades, VPD history noted that the first females were hired in 1912, but it turns out four matrons were hired between 1904 and 1912. The […]

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WPST: You Couldn’t Get a Better Group To Do It!

We recently shared the story of the incredible VPD Women’s Personal Safety Team and how they responded to a community request to tailor their program to accommodate a group of visually impaired people. We asked Kerry-Anne Horgan of the WPST how it went. She said it was amazing. […]

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It had nothing to do with gender; it had everything to do with the job.

Carolyn Daley was the first woman to be appointed as a Deputy Chief for the Vancouver Police Department. Based on that alone, one would think it’d be an easy guess as to why she undertook a 17 + year labour of love to document the history […]

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Love Who You Want, Work Where You Want

Happy Pride Week! Since 2017, the VPD has had a full-time officer dedicated to the LGBTQ2S+ community. Cst. Dale Quiring met with us this week to explain a little more about this multi-faceted role. First and foremost, it’s about building relationships and building bridges with the […]

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WPST – Adapting to Community Need

One of the most popular and highly-sought community programs that the VPF funds is the Women’s Personal Safety Team. This program, delivered by 25 female VPD officers who volunteer their time (up to 60 hours per year), has touched the lives of 5,614 women and girls since […]

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