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Donation Policy

The Vancouver Police Foundation (“VPF”) is a non-profit, charitable organization registered under Canadian law. VPF welcomes donations to fulfil its mandate to raise funds for crime prevention and community engagement initiatives that are above and beyond the operating budget of the Vancouver Police Department (“VPD”).

The VPF reserves the right to refuse any donation. All donations over an amount determined by the VPF Board of Directors will be subject to an approval process. Any gifts not accepted will be returned to the donor and no explanation will be provided. The VPF will accept gifts designated to a specific project or fund provided the Foundation can reasonably utilize the gift. The Foundation applies a five per cent fee to all designated donations. This fee provides the VPF with increased capacity to raise and grant funds and help build safer communities. The fee also allows the VPF to cover its administrative costs such as stewardship, granting, and reporting. Each restricted contribution will be used as designated, with the understanding that when the need for such a program or project has been met, or the program or project cannot be completed for any reason determined by the board, and neither the donors, nor their representatives, are living or able to consent to an amendment, the remaining restricted contributions will be used for another purpose consistent with the intent of the original gift.

Acceptance and or recognition through VPF channels of a donation does not imply endorsement by the Foundation or the VPD of any product, service or philosophy of the donor. Making a gift, of any amount, does not confer special status or preferential treatment on the donor by the VPD.

Vancouver Police Foundation Charitable Number – Canada: 89022 6178 RR0001