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Support VPD’s Mounted Unit

On patrol for over a century, the Vancouver Police Mounted Unit was formed in 1908 with 11 officers and 12 horses. While the stables were originally based in the downtown area, a new stable was established close to the entrance to Stanley Park in 1911.

When not keeping watch over the 1000 acres and over 150 kms of roads and trails in Stanley Park, officers can be found on horseback throughout the city of Vancouver. In addition to the many community and ceremonial events they take part in, the Mounted Unit plays a significant role in public safety by helping to manage large crowds.

Police Horses are unique in their ability to project a physical presence and act as a calming influence. They also play an essential role in public engagement and helping connect people with the VPD.

With the generosity of people like you, the Vancouver Police Foundation is proud to help support purchases and acquisitions for the Mounted Unit that fall outside the VPD’s yearly operating budget.

There are several ways you can join us in supporting the VPD’s Police Horses:

Adopt a Horse Hero

Symbolically adopt a member of the VPD’s Mounted Unit. Adoption Kits make unique gifts and directly support the Foundation’s efforts to build safer communities.

Make a Gift

Gifts of all sizes can help support our horse heroes. Even $20 can have a lasting impact.

Join the Herd

Join the Mounted Unit Calendar list and get special updates from the VPD Mounted Unit team/Vancouver Police Foundation and be among the first to know when we launch the 2024 Calendar!