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Mental Health & Addictions

Mental health and addictions underly much of Vancouver’s challenges around homelessness, the opioid crisis, public safety, and property crime.

The Vancouver Police Foundation works hard to help improve the quality of life for those in crisis and reduce the stigma around mental health issues for people of all ages, from youth to seniors.

In 2022, we granted $130,725 to key programs and initiatives that improves the lives of those in crisis, as well as educates and inspires others on mental health and addictions-related matters. Many of the mental health programs we fund support youth.


Your Impact

See some examples of the programs your gift will impact below.


Here4Peers is a mental health awareness and resource program for youth aged 12-17 that encourages conversation and education around critical teen and mental health issues. It structured heavy on the education side as to empower teens to directly recognize and support their peers when they need it most.

AOT Backpacks

This program provides dignity and care to those living in extreme poverty while also suffering from mental health and addictions challenges. These complimentary backpacks contain essential toiletries, snacks and supplies and are provided to individuals who need it most by on-shift VPD officers.

VPD Film Festival

The VPD Film Festival is a six-week program that educates and engages vulnerable high school students to create their very own films that encompass themes of mental health and addiction. The film-making process enables meaningful education and dialogue among teens about the importance of taking care of their own mental health as well as avoiding addictive substances.

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