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Scam Prevention for Seniors Seminars

Scam Prevention for Seniors Seminars are designed to educate seniors and their family members about financial scams and arm them with the knowledge to identify criminal strategies that target them.

The free, interactive seminars cover critical topics such as financial crime, grandchild bail scams, distraction thefts, and cybercrime scams. The presentations use real-life examples and case studies to help seniors recognize the tactics used by fraudsters.

VPD officers will present practical tips and safety measures that seniors can implement to safeguard their financial information and assets as well as discuss common red flags of financial scams to help seniors identify suspicious activities and protect themselves.

Additionally, these workshops encourage open discussions and sharing of personal experiences, fostering a sense of community and support. By attending these seminars, seniors can learn how to prevent scams and stay connected with others.

2024 Workshop Dates

Workshops generally last two to three hours and in most cases are open to the general public. All attendees receive lunch or snacks, depending on the time of day. In addition, they will be provided printed materials, and will have an opportunity participate in a robust question and answer period on the topic of crimes against seniors. Please note, seminars will be offered in various languages noted within the event details.

  • February 28, 9:30am – 11:30am: Broadway Lodge, 1377 Lamey’s Mill Road, Vancouver.
    • Register by calling Andii Millett at 604-733-1441 ext 236
  • March 4, 12pm – 3pm: Tonari GUMI, Japanese Community Volunteers Association, 42 W. 8th Ave, Vancouver.
    • Register by calling Sergeant Rita Raj (236) 330-6593
  • April 7, 12pm – 3pm: Ross Street Gurdwara, 8000 Ross Street, Vancouver *session will be in Punjabi,
    • Drop-in, no pre-registration required.
  • May 8, 10:30am – 1:30pm: Jewish Community Centre, 950 W. 41st Ave, Vancouver.
    • Register by emailing:
  • May 23, 5:15pm – 7pm: Ismaili JKamatkana, 938 W 8th Ave, Vancouver.
    • Register by emailing:
  • June 19, 11am – 1pm: Unifor.
    • Register by emailing:

Host a Workshop

If you have a group of 50 or more seniors as well as the facility to host a seminar, please contact:

  • Sergeant Rita Raj (236) 330-6593
  • Detective Constable Julie Gilmore (604) 349-4461

2024 Scam Prevention for Seniors Flyer


Scam Prevention for Seniors seminars are supported by the Vancouver Police Foundation. The VPF funds programs and initiatives that fall under one of four pillars: Youth Programs, Mental Health & Addictions, Community Outreach & Engagement, and Technology & Special Equipment. You can help build a safer Vancouver by donating to the Vancouver Police Foundation.