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Community Outreach & Engagement

By funding meaningful community-based programs and initiatives, the Vancouver Police Foundation helps thousands of vulnerable children, youth, adults and seniors through a number of VPD community outreach and engagement programs each year.

We also partner with existing community groups and programs that have a lasting, important impact across all age groups and ethnicities in Vancouver. Each of the programs in this pillar also foster constructive and positive engagement between residents and police officers, often one person at a time.

In 2022, we were proud to grant $473,563 to community outreach and engagement programs and initiatives that will changes lives in every corner of the city.


Your Impact

See some examples of the programs your gift will impact below.

Her Time

Her Time is an anti-gang program specifically for females that helps them avoid and/or escape gang life. Taught by female VPD officers, Her Time inspires women to take control of their lives by teaching them how to actively steer clear of gang-recruitment activities and also helps plan a safe exit for those who are already involved in gang life.

Health & Safety Kits

This initiative provides VPD detectives the ability to provide a collection of personal safety items and essential supplies to help victims flee violent and abusive relationships. These care packages provide hope and dignity to victims of all ages.

Women’s Personal Safety Team

The Women’s Personal Safety Team provides free personal safety workshops to women 16 years of age and older on a year-round basis. The workshops are led by female VPD officers and teach tactics designed to be easily learned and remembered by women with no prior training in case they are ever faced with a situation of unavoidable violence.

Change Lives. Save Lives.

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