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ID4ME Assisting Individuals with the ID Process


Formal identification is essential for gaining access to a variety of services, supports and opportunities. Not having a birth certificate, BCID, Health Care Card, BC Services Card or Status Card creates barriers to employment, housing, medical assistance, and even a feeling of self-worth. The majority of the population living in the downtown east side (DTES) does not have proper ID.
In fact, many are challenged or overwhelmed simply by the process and paperwork needed to obtain identification. The Vancouver Police Foundation awarded $5,000 towards a project called ID4ME last year. Initiated by Constable Linda Malcolm of the Vancouver Police Department, this program has been able to help obtain over 270 pieces of ID, which has been truly life changing to many of the DTES residents.

ID4ME was hugely beneficial to one man who scratched a lottery ticket and won $75,000. He was unable to collect his winnings as he had no ID.  He contacted Constable Malcolm and she assisted him in obtaining his Quebec birth certificate.  Today, he is planning his bright future with the assistance of the tenant support working in his building. A life changing day for this young man, thanks to the commitment and caring of Constable Malcolm and the support of the Vancouver Police Foundation. The Foundation helps the VPD Officers go above and beyond the call by funding caring community initiatives such as ID4ME. These are your donation dollars hard at work.