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An Unlikely Group of Runners

Vancouver – A group of runners from an alternative school program are taking a final run before heading off to the Seattle Marathon this weekend.

The Streetfront Program at Britannia Secondary places an emphasis on physical activity as a way to engage at-risk students who struggle in the traditional classroom setting. Most of the students live in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, about 80% are aboriginal, and most live in poverty.

Constable Brandon Steele and other members of VPD’s Youth Services Section have been training and running with Streetfront students and it’s alumni for the past five years. Students in this program have completed approximately 170 full and half-marathons.

Update: November 27th, 2016 – Thirty-five Streetfront participates made it down to run the Seattle Marathon. Nineteen completed the whole marathon while fourteen teens choose to run the half. A Streetfront record was broken this year, one of the sixteen year old boys received a time of 3 hours 10 minutes (a few minutes shy of qualifying for the Boston Marathon).