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VPF Announces a Commitment Of $3 Million in Grants for 2023

With the need greater than ever, the Vancouver Police Foundation is extremely proud to announce that we have committed to funding 113 community programs and initiatives totaling more the $3 million in 2023! This monumental amount of financial support for VPD-led programming is indeed a record-breaking funding commitment in the Vancouver Police Foundation 47 year history!


Through our annual grant program, individual VPD officers apply for funding to develop and manage programs and initiatives that go above and beyond to address specific needs across all neighbourhoods in Vancouver. These programs are beyond the regular operating budget of the VPD – they are not considered essential policing and simply wouldn’t exist without the VPF and the generosity of our donors. Once funded, many of these programs are operated on a voluntary basis on days-off and after shifts by these dedicated VPD officers, supporting thousands of individuals, including children, women and seniors.

“Since joining the board of the Vancouver Police Foundation, I have heard many powerful stories from officers who are seeing real-time needs in our community and who are stepping up, often on their own time to do something about it,” says Christian Chia, Chair, VPF Board of Trustees.



“As the Chair of the Board this year, I was awestruck by the number of applications and the incredible time and effort that goes into planning these programs to help those most in need, in our city – on top of what is already an incredibly demanding job.”

Whether it’s supporting at-risk youth, fostering a culturally inclusive society, educating young adults on addictions and drug awareness, providing bike safety equipment to young children, advocating for victims of domestic violence, each of the programs we grant aims to reduce crime and increase public safety in Vancouver.

“I have had the privilege of working with hundreds of VPD members and civilian professionals who have put forward innovative and compassionate programs to help build a safer Vancouver for all,” explains Andrea Wright, Executive Director of the VPF. “These are individuals who, to a tee, entered policing as a career because they wanted to help people. It doesn’t always come through in what people see and hear in the media, but these officers go above and beyond, every single day.”

All of the programs and initiatives the VPF fund fall into one of our four pillars: Youth, Community Outreach and Engagement, Technology and Special Equipment, and Mental Health and Addictions. Our ability to provide this funding is only because of the support we get from our passionate donors, individuals and organizations who believe in helping us build safer neighbourhoods across Vancouver.



The Vancouver Police Foundation was created 47 years ago with a clear purpose: to fund crime prevention and community programs that are above and beyond the annual operating budget of the Vancouver Police Department. Since 1976, thanks to the support of our donors, the Foundation has granted over $14.5 million to nearly 300 innovative programs – initiatives that have helped the VPD save lives, prevent crime, and build safer communities.

The Vancouver Police Foundation supports programs and initiatives that fall under one of four pillars: Youth Programs, Mental Health & Addictions, Community Outreach & Engagement, and Technology & Special Equipment. You can help build a safer Vancouver by donating to the Vancouver Police Foundation.

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