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Five New Police Service Dogs Officially Join the VPD

We are extremely proud to announce that four new canine recruits were officially “sworn in” to the VPD on July 5 by VPD Chief Constable Adam Palmer. A fifth canine recruit was also honourarily sworn in and will receive his badge as soon as he is back from his family vacation.

PSD Dutch, Falco, Ryker, Rypien, and vacationing Santi have all graduated from the intensive 16-week VPD training and dog handling course. They have now joined the other active Canine Unit teams along with their new handlers. Let’s get to know each of them:

PSD Dutch was born on August 31, 2020 in the Netherlands. Dutch is a female Police Service Dog and now joins PSD Jade as the only two active female canines in the Unit. Dutch weighs in at an athletic 72 lbs. When not a work, she loves to play with her squeaky toys in the backyard, especially her blue squeaky ball. She also loves couch surfing and watching TV with her family. She lives at home with four of her seven family siblings and her dog brother, Knox.



PSD Falco’s full name is Falco V. Haus Wello (so dignified!) He was born in Delbruck, Germany and will be turning three years old on October 20. He weighs 85 lbs and is currently learning to swim. Falco loves his bone shaped Kong but unfortunately has already chewed off one end. He lives at home with his handler, Constable Dan Watts and his human brother Archie – who he loves getting pets from. Falco also has a fur-brother named Shiloh, a Husky shepherd mix, and Falco loves playing with him. Fun fact: Falco’s human mom Hana is a member of the VPD’s Mounted Unit – so this household really understands the intelligence and courage of these special animals as they work to keep Vancouver safe.


PSD Rypien was born in Hungary on November 12, 2021. If that name sounds familiar to you, yes, handler Constable Matt Maycock named his canine PSD Rypien after former Vancouver Canucks player Rick Rypien who passed away from mental illness in 2011. “Although I didn’t know him personally, I know that everyone who did always spoke very highly of him,” says Constable Maycock. “I really looked up to him as a hockey player and as a person, so it felt like a nice tribute when naming my dog and tying it into something important.” PSD Rypien weighs 72 lbs and loves to play fetch games and his favourite toy is his puppy Kong. At home, Rypien gets along great with his a two human brothers, a two-year old and a brand new baby.

 PSD Ryker was born on November 7, 2020 in the Netherlands and weighs in at a speedy 67 lbs. He is ALWAYS ready to work and loves what he gets to do on the job. When he’s not at work Ryker loves playing with his favourite toy – his deflated Jolly ball – and seeking endless attention from his family, including his handler Constable Vanessa Holloway, her husband, and two daughters. Ryker also has a four-legged sister at home, an 11-year-old Malinois-cross. Ryker also loves summer trips to their family’s cabin at the lake.


PSD Santi was born on October 20, 2020 in the Czech Republic and weighs 77 lbs. Santi loves to work, but when he is off the clock he also loves to go for long walks with his handler, Sergeant Sam Primerano and his wife. Santi also loves to play in the backyard with his Kong toy. He is the only animal in the house, which means he gets lots of cuddles from all members of the family, including his two teenage sisters.

The VPD Canine Unit is the oldest municipal police canine unit in Canada. Established in 1957, the dedicated officers and their four-legged partners of the Canine Unit have been at the vanguard of keeping our city safe: helping to apprehend criminals and ferreting out explosives (including bombs), and firearms. Every year the VPD Canine Unit responds to over 7,000 calls for service! The Vancouver Police Foundation is proud to support the Canine Unit through advanced training opportunities, superior facilities, and innovative safety equipment for both dogs and handlers.

The Vancouver Police Foundation supports programs and initiatives that fall under one of four pillars: Youth Programs, Mental Health & Addictions, Community Outreach & Engagement, and Technology & Special Equipment. You can help build a safer Vancouver by donating to the Vancouver Police Foundation.

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