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It had nothing to do with gender; it had everything to do with the job.

Carolyn Daley was the first woman to be appointed as a Deputy Chief for the Vancouver Police Department. Based on that alone, one would think it’d be an easy guess as to why she undertook a 17 + year labour of love to document the history […]

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Love Who You Want, Work Where You Want

Happy Pride Week! Since 2017, the VPD has had a full-time officer dedicated to the LGBTQ2S+ community. Cst. Dale Quiring met with us this week to explain a little more about this multi-faceted role. First and foremost, it’s about building relationships and building bridges with the […]

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WPST – Adapting to Community Need

One of the most popular and highly-sought community programs that the VPF funds is the Women’s Personal Safety Team. This program, delivered by 25 female VPD officers who volunteer their time (up to 60 hours per year), has touched the lives of 5,614 women and girls since […]

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Kids Floor Hockey: Cst. Terry Parmar

Cst. Terry Parmar is no stranger to youth programming. When he was younger, he started to hang out with people who were having a negative influence on him. His dad, who was a janitor at Hastings Community Centre, pushed him into volunteering there. This was in […]

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Supporter Spotlight: Christian Chia

One of the Foundation’s greatest strengths is its Board of Trustees. From day one, the Board has sought to recruit the city’s leading business, community and philanthropic leaders. One of the newest Board members, Christian Chia, President & CEO of Open Road Auto Group, is one […]

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Pulling Together

In recognition of National Indigenous People’s Day, we’d like to showcase the Pulling Together Canoe Journey. This year would have been the 20th year of this incredible program, which brings together Indigenous Peoples and members of the public service in a ten-day journey along the traditional […]

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Human Trafficking Awareness Campaign: It Can Happen to Anyone

Detective Constable Karen Szeto is a VPD investigator specializing in human trafficking crimes. The tragic images of people crammed into containers or refrigerated trucks are actually images of human smuggling. Human trafficking is the specific act of exploiting people, particularly in the sex trade. And it […]

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Member Spotlight: Cst. John Gravengard

Cst. John Gravengard, recently featured in VPD’s celebration of Asian Heritage month, is no stranger to the Vancouver Police Foundation or to going above and beyond to help others. He has been the recipient of a number of VPF grants for troubled or at-risk youth, most […]

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Meet Hiba

Hiba Al Odat, along with her mother and two younger brothers, arrived in Vancouver on a typical winter night (rainy and cold!). Their long journey to Canada started in Syria three years earlier. While they had a good life there, the escalation of the war made […]

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Community Champions

Our last update on the amazing Community Champions that continue to show their support, respect and appreciation for the VPD officers on the #frontline of the pandemic was nearly a month ago! We’ve been so busy receiving and distributing donations since then we’re a bit behind […]

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