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ARV Aids In Armed Standoff

From The Vancouver Sun – September 28, 2011

VANCOUVER – An armed stand-off near 45th and Fraser ended Tuesday evening when Vancouver Police found the gunman dead from a self-inflicted wound.

Const. Lindsey Houghton said police worked for hours to make contact with the 20-year-old who is believed to have shot up several vehicles in the 600-block of East 45th Avenue just before 1 p.m.

Police evacuated nearby homes and apartments when they realized the man had retreated into his residence on East 45th with his firearm.

“Because there were firearms involved, our Emergency Response Team was here out of an abundance of caution and because they are equipped and trained to deal with matters like this. They threw in a flash-bang grenade which is designed to both stun and disorient somebody,” Houghton said.

They also threw in a phone with a direct line to a crisis negotiator, he said.

“And also we had a small robot that we were able to throw into the suite and that’s how we were able to see the man laying on the floor,” Houghton said.

He said investigators will follow up to see where the young man got his long-gun and whether it was legally registered. And they will talk to friends and relatives to see if they can determine what led to the tragic events.

“Our thoughts go to the man’s family,” Houghton said.”We may never know what triggered the shots being fired today because we can’t ask the person we want to ask the most.”

The incident does not have any gang links, Houghton said.

At least eight blocks just west of Fraser between 41st and 49th were cordoned off for several hours as the drama unfolded.

Curious neighbours lined yellow police tape at East 45th and St. George’s as heavily-armed officers patrolled the area.

The shooting came amid escalating tension among Metro Vancouver gangs over the fatal shooting in Kelowna last month of Red Scorpion Jon Bacon and the suspected retaliatory attack on Jujhar Khun-Khun Sept. 16 in Surrey. Khun-Khun survived and is in critical condition.

The Tuesday shooting occurred in a quiet residential neighbourhood off Fraser Street. There is a daycare down the block from where the cars were shot up.

And John Oliver Secondary – two blocks away – was put on “code yellow” – meaning students were not allowed to exit from the south side of the school and their release was staggered. The uniformed Gang Task Force also arrived to help VPD secure the area.