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70,000 Posters of Suspected Rioters to Hit the Streets

Inspector Les Yeo
Integrated Riot Investigation Team

This morning are launching a major poster campaign that will blanket the region with posters featuring 100 rioters.  The public support has been incredible.  In two weeks we were able to assemble over 340 volunteers and 70 police officers to help hand out 70,000 posters, across 75 locations, in 19 cities across Greater Vancouver, Fraser Valley, Upper Fraser Valley, Tri-Cities and Vancouver Island.

What’s unique about this poster is that along with the many images of rioters, we have highlighted five of our “Most Wanted.”  These five represent the only remaining unidentified suspects of the assault on Robert Mackay, the Good Samaritan who was attacked and beaten by 15 rioters in front of The Bay.  We expect the widespread distribution of the posters and the media coverage will generate a flurry of tips and leads for investigators.

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