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St.Paul’s HUB… an exemplary partnership

The HUB at St. Paul’s is the result of a unique partnership between St. Paul’s Hospital, St. Paul’s Foundation, Vancouver Police Foundation, Vancouver Police Department, the City of Vancouver, Vancouver Coastal Health, Street to Home, and the Ministry of Health.

When completed this spring, the HUB will include two fully equipped units next to the hospital’s Emergency Department to care for patients, from their arrival to their transition back to their communities.
Specialists will provide these patients with culturally appropriate, trauma-informed care in a dignified, private setting separate from the Emergency Department.

The team can provide opioid-dependent patients on replacement therapy such as Suboxone or methadone as quickly as possible.

Recently, our Foundation Trustees participated in a tour of the St. Paul’s Hospital HUB. The tour went through both Sites A & B. Site B is the Vancouver Police Foundation TCC. Construction of this facility is expected to be completed in January and then become fully operational.

The Goals:

  • Reduce wait times for the public to access mental health and addictions services
  • Improve patient transitions to community services
  • Reduce readmission rates and recidivism rates
  • Decreased wait times for police handover

Please stay tuned for an official media announcement in February.

Partner Tour Video