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Taking care of Mental Health

The VPD Peer Support Unit held an event called “Behind the Badge” on October 21st at the Justice Institute of BC. It was the first time the VPD has hosted a learning event on mental health for the spouses/significant others of sworn members.
Support from the Vancouver Police Foundation provided an opportunity for family members to network, reflect on the challenges of having a police officer in the family, and to learn about available mental health resources.


“We thoroughly enjoyed this event.
It is so important to support not only the officer
but also his/her family because this is or should
be the officer’s safe place to go. My favourite
part of the session was listening to the spouses on stage”
  – VPD Spouse


Chief Constable Adam Palmer opened the event, which included a panel discussion and presentations by Cst. Emma Hyde (VPD Peer Support), Dr. Lisa Kitt, Lt.Col. (Ret) Chris Linford and Kathryn Linford of Wounded Warriors. Each attendee was given the book “I Love A Cop” written by Dr. Ellen Kirschman, which provides practical ways to manage the stress of the job and create a healthy, supportive home environment.