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Project Landmark

On April 18th, the Vancouver Police Department launched Project Landmark in the Strathcona neighbourhood. Project Landmark is a pilot initiative to increase the number of residential and commercial address plates on the rear of homes that are visible from the back laneways.  

With a major increase in recent years in cell phone usage vs. land lines, the VPD and other first responders are facing continual challenges responding to 9-1-1 service calls, especially when they need to enter from the lane. This extra time can me the difference between life and death.  

Having house numbers visible from the back lane of homes can help first responders locate people when they call for assistance and can help individuals determine their exact location when they call 9-1-1 during an emergency. The hope is that this pilot project will increase awareness among all Vancouver residents about the benefits of having their address visible from the back lane.  

The first phase of this project involved distributing numbered address plates and informational material  to over 400 homes in the neighbourhood. Volunteers from the Strathcona Community Policing Centre demonstrated how easy it is to install the numbers and have also offered their assistance to help residents put them up.  

The Vancouver Police Foundation is proud to support Project Landmark and other VPD initiatives that increase public safety in Vancouver. Learn more about this project here.