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Spotlight on Chief’s Circle Supporters: Shannon and Nairne Gray

Each year, the VPF provides nearly $1 million in funding to Vancouver Police Department initiatives that fall outside the regular operating budget. We are only able to do this with the generous support of the community, including a special group of Chief’s Circle donors.
Shannon and Nairne Gray are two such special people. They joined the Chief’s Circle in November of 2018, with a gift to support the proposed drone, to be used to help reconstruct traffic collisions, to provide tactical support in emergency or crisis situations, and to help find missing persons.
They renewed their support in June of 2019, with a gift to purchase a set of new night vision devices for the Emergency Response Team and to complete the purchase of personal floatation devices (PFDs) for every VPD patrol car. For a city surrounded by water, this is essential to the safety
and well-being of VPD’s front line members who put their lives at risk every day to keep the rest of us safe.
While Nairne and Shannon like to help support specialty equipment, they are also involved with the VPD Cadets program. This year, on top of their generous gift, they donated air miles to one of the Cadets who was leaving home to attend her first year of university in Kingston, Ontario. Her trip back East marked the first time she had left the province and the air miles saved her a lot of money. Shannon and Nairne had attended the Cadet Mess Dinner and were so moved by Jasleen’s story, that they felt compelled to help.
When asked why they support the Vancouver Police Foundation, Shannon and Nairne responded that they feel strongly about the role the VPD plays in building and protecting our city. As lifelong Vancouverites, they have seen many changes over the years – many great, some less positive – but a constant in terms of supporting and strengthening neighbourhoods has been the VPD. Now that they are in a position to give back, this is one of the causes that resonates with them most.
For our part, we are so grateful that it does and deeply appreciative of their incredible generosity. To Nairne and Shannon and all of our donors – thank you very much. We couldn’t support the VPD without you.