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National Volunteer Week

As National Volunteer Week comes to an end, we want to give a huge shout out to the millions of people who give their time everyday to make our world better. Here at the VPF, we rely on dozens of volunteers throughout the year to help us with our events, programs and office administration.

Kassandra O’Brien has been volunteering with us since 2017. As recent graduate of Simon Fraser University in criminology and forensics, she works in a related field in the private sector but aspires to become a coroner.

She heard about the VPF from a classmate and applied to volunteer. Over the years, she has helped with numerous events, including the annual Larry Young Memorial Run and our Breakfast with the Chief event (save the date for October 1!) and more. She has also helped around the office with some essential tasks and providing us with a great new perspective.

When asked about what she likes most about volunteering with us, she noted it is the opportunity to connect with the community to talk about a good cause. Last year, we participated in KitsFest and braved the rain to get the word out about what we do to support the VPD. She was surprised at how many people have not heard of the Vancouver Police Foundation or who don’t know about what we do. (Trust us, we’re surprised too…#bestkeptsecret)

To Kassandra, all the VPF volunteers, including our incredibly passionate and dedicated Board of Trustees and all the rest of amazing people who make our communities, country and the world better, thank you!