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Show Your Mom Some Love!

We know that nothing can replace the brunch you would normally have with your Mom, or the flowers you would give the mother of your children. But we’ve created some unique e-cards that you can share with them to show your love and appreciation AND support the VPD. It’s a win-win.☺️ 💐e-Cards

Each of these cards features a VPD officer (two-legged or four-legged!) that serves on the front lines, protecting our community.

Police Service Dog (PSD) Jade is the only female dog in the VPD’s Canine Unit. Her human partner, Cst. Jesse Schellenberg, tells us how much fun she is and what a loving personality she has. Cst. Maria Irving, a mother of two herself, has a special bond with her Police Horse (PH) partner, as you can see from the photo of the two of them. And Cst. Brian Lequesne, a 17-year VPD member agreed to participate in this initiative to celebrate all the moms out there – but particularly his wife, mother to their son and also a VPD officer, as well as his own mother, who is married to a retired VPD officer!

We are so grateful to these officers for taking the time to pose for these photos and for agreeing to share some love and gratitude this Mother’s Day. To all the moms out there – thank you for all that you do. Now, more than ever, you deserve to be celebrated. We’re thinking of you.

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